Vaureal Falls- Hiking in the Vaureal Canyon.
The Vauréal Falls, just like the Jupiter River, contributes to the fame of Anticosti Island throughout the world. This famous falls is 76 meters high, 9 kilometers from the mouth of the Vauréal River, and 150 km. from Port-Menier. You can admire it from the wheelchair accessible vantage points, or you may decide to take an excursion in the spectacular Vauréal Canyon directly to the foot of the falls. This remarkable trek takes 4 or 5 hours round trip, which is sure to mesmerize you. Plan on
carrying a bathing suit, solid walking shoes to walk in the river bed, and sun lotion. You will certainly want to save the memories in your camera. Also, the magnificent Observation Canyon is visible from the road to the Vauréal Falls.
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